In General, Landscape elements

Nothing will heat you up on a cold winter day better than an outdoor fire element.  Can you feel it, just by thinking about it? 

It doesn’t matter if its a fire pit, tiki torches or flames set strategically around a space for visual aesthetic….Fire is Fire and it is HOT!  These elements can create a focal point, define a space or simply function to create atmosphere. When these items are strategically placed in a meaningful way they can offer one a chance at quality family time, a place to gather with friends, or the opportunity to get lost in one’s dreams, and the list goes on and on. 

If it all sounds appealing I would love to help you realize your visions for a new and/or improved outdoor living space…let’s bring on the heat!

Wishing you warm thoughts,


p.s.  Did I mention that these items also add value to your home.



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