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Naturally SpeakingSo here in Brookfield, CT we have had a relatively mild winter.  That is until this week, and it’s looking as though the temperature is going to be dropping down into the single digits with wind chills in the below zero range over the weekend. And, as  luck would have it, it is lining up just perfectly with a construction schedule requiring numerous site visits to watch and direct the installation of a planted boulder slope.  But that’s  perfectly fine and will be mostly enjoyable.  Why, you ask?  Because the boulders that will be installed I got to hand pick at Ellsworth Stone in Sharon, CT.   Yes, I got to shop for boulders.  I love this job!

Almost anything can be used  as a landscape element, but and amazing boulder taken from ledge indigenous to the landscape can become and incredible statement piece.    It can be a focal point in a garden, a bench along a winding path or seating next to the fire pit.  It can be a plinth or a post and even a bridge over a garden path.  Check out the amazing pattern on this one.  Who wouldn’t want this in their garden?

Keep warm!


p.s  Do not call them rocks!

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