What a FABULOUS year!

 In General

I will say it again!  What a fabulous 2016!  No confusion here – just always looking ahead.

I get fired up just thinking about the year ahead.  The new and exciting projects that are just ideas in the minds of clients – will become a reality in a few short months!  The amazing clients and collaborators that I haven’t even met.  There is nothing more exciting than working alongside a group of people who share the vision of creating spaces that are in every way meaningful.

It is truly satisfying to design spaces for clients that inspire, relax, rejuvenate, motivate, or just simply evoke a sense of elation and joy – spaces that not only appeal to the senses, but go deeper – every season of the year.

As we move into the new year, I want to extend my appreciation to all who have inspired, supported, and expanded me.  And my appreciation to those who will enter soon. Have a very Happy Holiday and an amazing New Year!



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