Why Landscape Architecture as a career?

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I am blessed to have a career I love. Although I didn’t always know I’d become a landscape architect the seeds were planted at an early age.

I love heavy equipment and construction sites. Plain and simple I think it’s cool. And I felt the same way back when I was 7 and 8 years old when my parents hired a Landscape Architect to prepare designs for our postage size property in South Salem, NY. It was amazing to me how all of the different elements came together. Each day when the workers left I’d sit in the bucket of the excavator waiting for the next day’s work. I was always the kid under the huge rhododendron digging in the dirt and building things.

In college I chose my path based on what sounded like a real career that would make my parents proud – Pre-Law.   But deep down I knew I was destined for another path. One week in law school was enough to know that I was clearly not headed in the right direction. I took a year to figure out what was the right direction.

A horticulture and floral design class at UMaine, Orono led me to a Masters Programs in Landscape Architecture. I settled on UMass, Amherst, and the rest is history. It all seems to come full circle. Creativity is in my genes. My paternal grandfather was a very successful artist, my aunt is also a great artist, and my father owned a graphic art studio in Manhattan. I was lucky enough to go there often as a child…I was in heaven with the array of colored pencils, markers and paper at my fingertips!

I was once told by someone that if you are not sure what career path you are supposed to take in life, just think about what you loved doing when you were 7. For me nothing could have been truer. All of the signs were there, I just didn’t pay attention at first!

Designing space and places for my clients just feels good. I have no other way to describe it. I wish I could have known my grandfather. Ask him how it made him feel when he was drawing, creating. I often wonder if it is how I feel when I am doing the same.


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