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blogHave I got a plant for you…One of my favorite native plants for fall is Amelanchier x. grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ commonly known as Autumn Brilliance Serviceberrry. As its name implies, this plant has dark green leaves that turn a brilliant orange-red color in the fall. Multi-functional, it can be utilized as a small ornamental specimen tree when specified as a single stem, or act as an excellent multi-stemmed boarder shrub. Either way, this plant will no doubt add great fall color to your landscape. This plant, however, does not stop there. In April it will delight you with and abundance of small white flowers and in June provide dark, edible berries (sometimes referred to as Juneberries).

In addition to seasonal interest, this native beauty is tolerant of a wide range of site conditions. This attribute, as well as all of the others noted above, allows me to get creative in how and where I place it. Although I often specify it in rain gardens, adjacent to detention basins, for naturalization, etc., I particularly enjoy placing this shrub at the edge of a woodland setting. The combination of tall canopy trees and evergreens in the background only enhance the pop of white flowers in the spring and vivid color in the fall.

Oh, and did I mention birds like it too!


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